The best scripts for a mobile application

The mobile market has exploded in recent years. More and more users use mobile platforms to their various activities on the web. This mobile market boom was followed by the boom of mobile application platforms also called Market or Store. The mobile application development has also had its revolution. Numerous frameworks have emerged and enable greater productivity. Scripts are also available for your mobile, we present you the best ones.

Mobile development techniques

There are, nowadays, many mobile application development techniques. The first technique is said native development. This type of development is done using tools specific to each mobile language. The advantage of this technique is that it can implement specific applications for each operating system and benefit from intuitive programming. But you need to code for each device. The second technique is hybrid development. Here, you just need only one code that can be compiled on different platforms and applications provide for each. The third solution is to implement an application using web languages like HTML5 and CSS 3. A php development company can also help you to build this kind of applications.

Scripts to your mobile applications

The possibility offered by the hybrid development through web technologies, has produced many scripts for mobile applications. Most scripts used by developers in fact use languages such as javascript, python and php, coupled with other languages such as HTML 5 and CSS. Among the many scripts, AngularJS is one of the most used. Due to Ionic and AngularJs, you can simply build powerful application for Android and iOS that are easy to maintain. Other scripts for the development of mobile multiplatform application are nodejs, HammerJS or PhoneGap. All these platforms massive use javascript library to develop powerful and portable application. Another script base on PhoneGap, AppGyver, for high efficient application. So no, you can choose the script that is the best for you.

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