Our tips if you want to learn the code

Coding and programming is no longer the sole realm of computer scientists and people with complicated university degrees behind them. In fact, a lot of people teach themselves how to code from the comfort of their living room by using interactive online courses and tutorials. While this type of learning is effective, it is important to identify the best way to learn coding before you start. There are a lot of different tips in learning coding, depending on your end goals and the language you choose to learn.

Determine the language you want to learn

If the coding is entirely new to you, you can start with JavaScript or Python. These are versatile coding languages ​​that provide a gateway to learning other programming languages. Python, in particular, is used in many disciplines, from business analysis to visual effects. It is also a means of interactive and visual learning, because it allows to immediately execute the code to observe the result.

Establish your learning preferences

Decide how you want to learn: do you need a teacher or structured lessons, or are you able to learn by yourself using videos? Fortunately, there is a wealth of resources on the web for anyone who wants to learn a code.

Work on a project that interests you

Working on a project gives you the opportunity to apply what you have learned and motivates you to keep learning. It was Alex's desire to improve the functions of mIRC, a tool he used on a daily basis, which led him to learn the script. Alex suggests to those who wish to learn HMTL or CSS to start by creating and developing a personal website.

Do not spare your efforts at work: never stop training

As with any new language, you must train and continue to "talk". If you do not dare to use your new skills, you will not improve. This is where working on projects will really help you if you want to learn codeat full range.

Contribute to projects in open source code

Once you have confidence in your coding, you can contribute to a free, open source project or find a project of this kind that interests you and learn by reading and debugging other people's code.

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Opt for expert Php web development
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