IOS and Ruby on rails, it's possible !

Creating website is a must when talking about the internet world. Currently, it has further evolved since it will no longer suffice to create websites to be assured of good results, but the adaptation of these websites in a mobile version will also be required. Besides the fact that several types of portable system exist, it will be important to take everything into account. As in the case of IOS, which is often subject to pitfalls when creating. Fortunately, with ruby ​​on rails, it is possible to create iOS applications effectively, but it must understand its operation.

The choice of ruby ​​on rails

Clearly, ruby ​​on rails is a framework created with the ruby ​​language to create web applications. Clearly, this tool has been designed to create functional websites, innovative and unique. The ruby ​​on rails developers are thus based on two fundamental principles in order to have flawless results. The first principle is the DRY or Do not Repeat Yourself that will not have items in one place. The second is based on the monitoring of specific conventions. This will prevent a lot of work on the details since respect agreements avoid any problem. On top of that, it must be said that ruby ​​offer a simply unbeatable production. Clearly, we can create a website in minutes as the case of a blog, which will amount to only 62 lines of code.

IOS application with ruby ​​on rails

Note that applications on Android or iOS will necessarily be using language like Ruby. Now it is possible to create applications using e ios ruby ​​movement. Clearly rubymotion is the tool that allow you to write code to create an iOS app in Ruby. Besides the fact that Ruby is very simple to use, the result will surely impeccable. Rubymotion therefore is a practical and versatile tool as it adapts to both iOS to Android or OS X. The most interesting part of rubymotion is, moreover, coding application in Ruby.

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