Facebook is a php website

Today, everyone swears by the digital world. Indeed, we can see all over the internet whether it is selling products and services or the treatment of any subjects. To do this, it will be important for businesses and corporations to create web sites. Of course, the creative work must assert the use of specialized tool in the field. One of the most used currently is PHP and this effervescence is seen by retailers who use Facebook as that is in PHP.

Some basics about PHP

Clearly, PHP is a scripting language that is intended for web application development. Php developers so wear this tool to create innovative and effective web sites like Facebook is a leading social networks as currently. Php easily integrates with HTML making its rating. Specifically, it will not be necessary to use several commands to simply display the HTML because the php pages already contain HTML fragments. Which specifies php other languages ​​like Java is that it is server side. Its code is thus run on a server to generate HTML. The result will then be sent directly to customers without the latter do not have access to source code.

PHP and Facebook

Yes, Facebook is in php and we all know how large this site as well as its effectiveness. It stands to reason to make php respect told. In addition, Facebook developers will even evolve this tool to new horizons. Clearly, facebook teams have developed their own languages ​​that will be the new php and his name is hack. According to sources, Hack is the future of the programming language as it will easily be coded in PHP and this by limiting errors. Specifically, hack therefore associate the short development cycle of PHP with the discipline of static typing while incorporating features of modern languages. This explains its rating easily.

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