How to create a responsive e-commerce website with magento

Magento CMS is probably the most used among entrepreneurs who wish to create a website. This effervescence is easily explained by the fact that open source solution will not only facilitate the development of the website, but also its design phase. The created only online store will be both functional, innovative, but especially at low cost. It will not be necessary to invest a large sum of money in the process of website creation with magento. This is, moreover, suitable for all jobs regardless of size for e-commerce sites.


This is the inevitable step to face utisation magento and professionals as magento development company are no exception to this step. Of course, prerequisites will be requested as having a web host and a domain name and an SSL certificate for more security at the online transaction. Of course, the host will be using a recent version of php. Clearly, the hosts offer magento install automatically, but if not, we can always install it manually. We must therefore find and install the application first. Suffice it to specify all the basic information requested. A default site will be available later.

Design and Administration

Once the installation step is over, it will choose the same site design. To do this, simply find a theme in your magento commerce site. Of course, free and paid themes are available and the prices paid themes rarely exceed $ 100. Only, it is advisable to choose a theme "responsive" so that customers are better served via their phones. You should know that this will well understand people who are exclusively mobile. For the administration, you must know that this CMS will manage as simply as possible the products and orders while allowing customization and configuration of the entire site. To easily reach this part of administration, simply go to the website mydomain and enter the user name and password typed during installation of the CMS.

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