Ruby and mobile application

It is quite possible to use Ruby on Rails for the development of its mobile application or web application. However, you have to first of all determine how your apps, it will only run on a smartphone or it can also be functional on the web. For a native application.

Use RoR for the creation of a mobile application

The ruby ​​on rails developers should pay attention to this new trend for creating an attractive product. Indeed, they can perfectly be used with great ease web and mobile technologies through SDKs and frameworks.

Rhodes is the most Rails-like a mobile developer can use tool for creating application Rubby for all operating systems whether for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian and others. Rhodes is a true open source framework for creating cross-platform native applications for all smartphones with the help of HTML, JavaScript and CSS. This then allows you to create apps using built-in functions including personal information management, access to the camera or the geo positioning.

RhoHub is the next generation of Development-as-a-service for mobile platforms which is designed by the creators of Rhodes. It will then be possible to make the cross-platform application creation with Ruby. In just days, you will get a satisfactory result without you having to install locally SDKs for different mobile platforms.

Ruboto is a program used only for android to create apps with the help of Ruby. This allows both edit, or Register to execute scripts on a smartphone. It is then possible for you to access your preferences, phone status, SQLite, media, sensors, user interface or other characteristics. This is however not very practical for creating more complex Ruby application. It is ideal for testing, debugging or prototyping.

There are also IronRuby is a Ruby implementation for Silverlight and .NET. It supports all the features of Ruby with faster write...

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