How to find a top Php developer

Finding a php developer today represents an increased demand. And yet, it is a passage almost obligatory for who wants to launch a web box to internalize its development. Admittedly, one can always go through a freelance, off-shorize in a country at low cost, use trainees or go through a web agency, but these are just less interesting solutions.

The state of mind needed to recruit a developer

As in all areas, you will find everything: very good developers and also very bad! You will be faced with the same situation as if you were looking for a computer service provider. The only thing that matters now is knowing how to identify them to recruit a developer who fits your needs.

It is important to surround yourself, especially at the beginning of your activity: a bad profile can lead to the death of a company over a very short period of time.

First point: to recruit someone on a domain, it is essential to know a minimum. If you do not know anything about it, have an experienced developer assist you. Do not risk doing rough recruitment!

Second point: know how to gauge the amount of work. The most wonderful developer will not be able to do the work of 10 people. So know how to estimate the durations in order to know how many developers will be needed and to which technical profiles to turn (back-end, front-end, admin server ...).

Last but not least, good developers are like good providers / freelancers, they are always solicited. So your offer must be tempting enough to give the developer the desire to work with you. What I mean by the is not to hope to convince a developer with 10 years of experience with a thin compensation of 30K or even 40K. If you plan to associate, plan a substantial share of the capital. If a team is already in place (5 - 10 people), plan salary + equity.

Now you know that recruit a developer is not easy. You have to see the skills of independent developers as essential ingredients for the quality of your development projects, website and mobile applications.

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