Offshore reseller hosting with Koddos

When you talk about hosting, you have to be sure that it is benefits for your business online. If you choose a bad hosting, you have to lose money. The real matter is you have to pay fees month with one-year deal, so you can’t change partner during this time. You have to choose the best one. KoDDos takes a good place in this domain this year, and he cares for everything about your website.

This is KoDDoS secrets

KoDDoS is a company implanted in Hong Kong. He also has a database in Netherlands. His real specialization is to against the hacker like DDoS and more. His secret, he is cheaper than any hosting offshore who gives more the same offers, like Hostpapa, GoDaddy or others. He gives the best client service with a technician, whichis always connected in 24/7. But his forces grew from his locales. Yes, they are just in two countries because for two reasons. In Hong Kong, all hosting services seller is free, so if you decide to be reseller, you get fewer prices than others. If you choose to go with KoDDoS in Hong Kong, they offer you a free IPC license. It depends of your level, to start with 16 dollars until 100 dollars. You can see details about Offshore Reseller Hosting and his program with each level but here is a little overview.

Reseller hosting KoDDoS option

In the package of this level, you can have raid 10 GB storage to 80 GB. About bandwidth, you have 300 GB to 4000 GB with unlimited CPanel account, MySQL, Email and FTP. The same way with IP address, and the overselling will be enabled. They don’t need any contact and personal information. They assure 100% as guarantee to your upgrade. We admire his infrastructure implantation with high security system, in a favorable condition climatic to maintain all corridors and engines installations. They have a robust technology to manage your hardware and software system because they are mature on this domain. With Netherlands Law, you are free to choose your free contents.

With KoDDoS, you have power to control your own hosting and to manage it, as you like, because you are here anonym.

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