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Web hosting companies provide several types of servers with various aptitudes. They give extra services and guarantee a prime customer support level. However, as you guess, they can’t all share the same quality service and be on the same wavelength. Koddos is a primium web hosting that offer a lot more. Their high end packages offer high quality service, prevent Ddos attacks and offer freedom of content. Ddos are attacks that do not allow or block any access to connectivity to some websites or servers. These attacks are exasperating for internet users and generate important losses for webmasters. Koddos web hosting packages can be divided into 4 parts : Offshore Hosting – Medium Risk Hosting – High Risk Hosting – Ddos Protected Dedicated Server Plan. Each of these servers provides a specific advantage on your website quality service.

Aside from web hosting and Ddos protection programs, Koddos propose extra sevices and products. They also deal with Domains, Server management and SSL Certificates that are additional services that should help you retent your web client, make more profit and gain competitiveness.

The other benefit that you will have with this: you will gain on joining Koddos is the large range of payment methods available for you. Indeed, Koddos is a very particular web hosting company compared to others in terms of payment options. They accept money gram, credit card, bitcoin, paypal and payeer. This helps a lot customers who often face problems linked to payment options.

Koddos offer personalized and high tech hosting packages that provide optimal quality of service that are well adapted to customer needs, wants and demands. They also offer efficient support to the client 24/7 through productive exchanges. What make the difference depends on the effectiveness of the product or service and the customer care service. These aspects are fundamental for in Koddos global management. You want to know more about it just click here.

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