Changing the ways we operate

It is not easy to change our way of life, but it’s time to adopt the innovation product to evolve and to continue life on a durability way. Surely there will be a total upheaval on our life, but it has to be done and time is up now. We’re talking about accepting the technology feeling about Xpert Eye, the new smart glasses.

What do you hear about smart glasses?

This is a smart glass that done especially for a professional domain. It is able to transmit an image or video in simultaneous condition around the world by using internet. You have to connect it with you PC, and he will transfer all the things that you see. This system was tested on a hospital, and it’s ameliorated the way of operating with the emergency car. A smart glass that you can now buy on your shop online, and you can use wherever you are. This is a better way to communicated, and it is just a smartphone hands free. He can take a video and take a photo too. He is connected and had a memory cadre, so you can download an application and do all things that you can do on your smartphone but in a practice way. There are so many societies that plunge in this manufacturing, but this smart glass sign by AMA XpertEye is so different.

The difference between Xpert Eye and a classic smart glass?

The best mark of smart glasses is Vuzix one, but this one is different as Xpert Eye. First of all, the design may be the same but there is no card and memory SD on Xpert Eye. This smart glass is better for the industry equipment. He has the basic function as the society need, especially those who work in an intervention feeling in the client land, like a technician, a doctor, or else. He is connected, but he can’t stock any data, so he is necessary for a direct intervention. He is very useful in a professional meeting.

Maybe you already have a glass, but you are not smart at all, it’s a joke but you can ameliorate your vision by wearing a Xpert Eye.

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