Web application for an ecommerce

If the creation of the website is an important step, its management is just as much. Many professionals have many e-commerce sites and of course, managing them is a task in itself. In order to facilitate the management of all e-commerce sites at the same time, many effective tools have been created as magento. With the latter, the management of all the sites will be done simply and efficiently.

Understanding the tool

Before adopting the magento development method, it will be important to understand its functioning first and foremost. Clearly, Magento was designed on the basis of the Zend framework. As a CMS, Magento will be used exclusively for the management of e-commerce sites. It has been distributed under two licenses namely an open source license or CE accessible to everyone and a paid license or EE. The latter is, of course, more efficient and effective, especially with options like technical assistance and hosting of the website, but the CE version is equally impeccable during the management work. The main strength of Magento is the possibility to have a thorough management of the catalog and all the rules governing the site. A wide range of possibilities will also be available and accessible to all thanks to this tool.


The many advantages of Magento are the explanation of its effervescence. In this sense, Magento is a powerful CMS allowing in-depth management of all e-commerce sites at the same time. In this context, it will enable the management of product catalogs thanks to this, it will be possible to manage well several thousand products. Also, it will be possible to manage several e-commerce sites at the same time via a single administration interface. This multi-storey function will also make it possible to duplicate the version of the site in order to integrate it on the site of a partner in the form of a white mark. It should also be noted that the Open Source version makes the product truly accessible to all that makes it possible for everyone to use Magento efficiently without paying. This free version has, besides, all the functionalities necessary for good management.

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