Drupal and Magento wil be partners soon !

What does Drupal do?

Drupal is an open source CMS, fast website assembler. It allows to assemble a site in a few clicks. It is also a programming framework, i.e. a structuring application framework, used to create the foundations of a software, in part or entirely (software architecture). It is modular and extensible.
Drupal Commerce is an eCommerce framework based on Drupal 7. It combines with a Commerce Kickstart distribution to enable the creation of merchant sites. It has a modular architecture. Drupal Commerce is the solution for eCommerce, content and social projects.

The strengths of Drupal

Drupal has great flexibility and scalability. Also, many community modules. He is remarkable for the wealth of his community.

What does Magento do?

Magento is a free e-commerce platform. Magento allows:
- Multi-catalog and multi-shop management, multilingual, with a single interface;
- Advanced marketing and Web 2.0 features;
- Management of orders and payments;
- Logistics management;
- Optimization of referencing;
- Interoperability.

Drupal-Magento Integration

Acquia, publisher of Drupal, has announced a partnership with Magento, the world leader in open source e-commerce. The project is initiated by the two companies carrying the two open source solutions. Objective: to bring, through the Drupal CMS, a "content" dimension to the Magento e-commerce system. More than ever, content is a strategic dimension for e-commerce sites. It allows them to refine their SEO work by better optimizing the information on their pages, but also to improve the personalization of the data offered to customers or prospects. Acquia and Magento Commerce have just announced the partnership. As part of their agreement, the two open source players plan to integrate Drupal with Magento. They also announce the combination of Acquia Lift customization tools with the e-commerce environment. The idea is to unify the content, the commerce and the context throughout the client's journey.

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