Our team specialized in Php and Ror

Web development agencies, this is not what is missing on the web. By cons, a team that is available day and night, is not in every corner. A performance that greatly exceeds that of the competition and flexible prices. For a reasonable price, we bend over backwards to satisfy our customers from the study of his plan to follow it indefinitely.

Taking all benefits

Speaking to individuals and companies, our ruby on rails development company is composed by experienced and motivated in all areas, as a community platform with heavy traffic. Managing millions of views per day responsibility ourselves. Our responsibilities are not confined there, but also participation in interesting developments such as discussion tools in real time as instant messaging either on mobile or on XMPP or video streaming tools. Whether ruby ​​development or web development, we provide a quality service to all our customers. We specialize in creating original website in the redesign of an existing website to make it much more attractive and interesting, but also in monitoring the flow of it, as in SEO.

A custom team

We offer you a great team that is empowered to meet your needs. Members of our team are all experienced in the field with minimum 2-3 years experience in the field of web. We work according to customer requirements while offering ideas to improve the project. After analyzing the customer of the specifications, our team is responsible for advancing the most appropriate technical solution for the proper functioning of the site. We make sure not to make any bug in the delivery of the site, by cons, it is not impossible that this case happens. We directly necessary to rectify the site immediately. We have therefore a service delivery, to ensure the credibility of our team.

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