Magento, we love this framework !

When fine-tuning a website to gain a significant market share, it will be important to manage the site to reach this goal. Right now, the best e-commerce website management tool Magento is offering new features. This will not only managing at all about sites, but mostly full control over them. The magento development company already knows it.

The concept of Magento

You should know that Magento is primarily a software that aims to manage e-commerce sites. Its design was made based on the Zend framework in 2008. In this design, several licenses were taken out for Magento namely an EC license or Community Edition is open source and an EA license or Enterprise Edition. Of course, the first edition will offer advanced features for flawless results during use, but the EE version is more complete since it will find integrated with technical support and web hosting. Of course, each license will enable the development of e-commerce site project regardless of size. In general, Magento will thrust management of all e-commerce sites and this on all levels also.

Functionality at all levels

When talking about Magento, we'll see the attractions and benefits at all levels. Above all, we will see the benefits deal with back office functionality. Concretely, we can ENTERING AND magento for further gesiton of all e-commerce sites at once through a single administrative interface. It will be possible to globally manage all sites at the same time or on, manage sites one by one. As for features called front office, extensive management on the typology of products possible. Product Pages will all also advanced. Product management and their options will be equally impeccable. Regarding product selection criteria, it will be more dynamic. Of course, options such as visualization product or price comparisons will be possible as well as a more specific search mode.

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