Always review your code !!

Although the test of code is an important concept of web development, it is often forgotten. It's too tempting to test the final system with two or three examples and say "ok". This is a common mistake. Before you consider that your project is ready to be put into production, make sure you tested all possible scénariis.
One approach to reduce the number of errors in your programs is to verify the code. It is never possible to eliminate all but it is already interesting to eliminate most.

So first of all make a habit of checking your code

Like our ruby on rails developers ! For this, just ask someone else on your team to examine your code and suggest some improvements. This type of analysis often reveals the following:
- Errors which you have not paid attention
- The contingencies to which you have not thought;
- Optimizations;
- Improvements in the level of safety;
- Existing components you can leverage to enhance certain parts of your code;
- New features.
If you work alone, try to find a colleague who is in the same situation as you to help each other to correct your programs. You can also search for testers for your application, user profiles representative of your product. The difference between web applications and desktop applications is that web applications are often used by people who haven't the habit of computing. As it is impossible to provide them with an explanatory manual, applications must be documented in a comprehensive manner and be very easy to use. You need to think about all the ways your users can use in your application. That is why it is important to test your application by very different people. For example you can distribute your app in beta when you think you have eliminated the majority of errors. Spread with a small group of testers to get a little traffic to your site, by offering free services to the first 100 users in exchange for feedback on your site. This will give you examples of the use to which you would never have thought of.

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