We will apply an open source for ruby on rails development

Ruby on Rails is an open source FrameWork using the Ruby language for developing web applications. It enables the rapid development of web application. The major advantage of Ruby on Rails is its high productivity. Ruby on Rails fully meets the complex issues, special requests and greatly reduces the development time of web applications while maintaining a very high quality.

Real tool for developing rich web applications functionality and interactivity, its many qualities have led us to specialize in this FrameWork for the development of innovative and dynamic websites.

Simple, effective and open to all

Ruby is very attractive because it has been designed to provide a simpler and more effective than others and therefore more productive language. It combines flexibility, dynamism and offers comprehensive tools. It allows you to program everything that you desire, games, web sites, web applications ... All developers insist the pleasure they have to work with this tool. Its ease of understanding and use enables developers to focus on functionality to do instead of focusing on how to translate it into code. Try the forums and see how they talk!

Ruby has gained popularity thanks to the framework (toolkit) Ruby on Rails founded in 2003 by David Heinemeier Hansson. This framework sharing a set of ready to use functions, a toolkit available to all guarantee highly professional results. Ruby's strength lies in the free availability of its programs and scripts, Open Source. The community of users sharing their experiences, good practices, libraries (Gems) help solve problems that can be encountered repeatedly in development ... Access to information and the availability of all these tools can save time and focus on creativity. It allows to develop web applications quickly but correctly by automating common tasks such as creating a form, the error handling. Moreover, it is even possible to create small web sites without writing a single line of code!

That's why we are a ruby on rails development company.

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