Web application

Php Ajax is based on internet standart, be confident in your development !

The IT architecture Ajax (acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) allows us to build Web applications and interactive dynamic websites on the client.
In a Web application, the conventional method of dialogue between a browser and a server is as follows: at each manipulation made by the user, the browser sends a request containing a reference to a Web page and the Web server performs calculations and sends the result as a Web page to the browser. This will then display the page he has just received. Each manipulation causes the transmission and display of a new page. The user must wait for the response to perform other manipulations.

The benefits of Ajax

Ajax lets us create an interface running on a browser with JavaScript, become extremely fast on the latest versions of browsers. Its operation requires JavaScript to program exchanges between the browser and the server. Using Ajax, the dialogue between the browser and the server takes place mostly as follows: a program written in JavaScript programming language, embedded in a web page, is executed by the browser. It sends in the background requests to the Web server, and then modify the content of the page currently displayed by the Web browser based on the result received from the server, thus avoiding the transmission and display of a complete new page.

Ajax, as the name suggests, requests are made asynchronously: the web browser continues to run the JavaScript program while demand is gone, he does not expect the response sent by the web server and the user can continue to perform manipulations during this time.
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PHP and Ajax are combined by our webmasters to make Web applications as complete as local applications.

Web application

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