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To be honest, who spends money today on a store system or a content management system? They are available in open source for lukewarm. Thus, creating your own online shop or CMS website is fast, easy and inexpensive.

Web Development

A simple blog or website based on the modular principle is made fast. But as soon as special requests appear, it becomes more complicated. Web development is not rocket science. Incidentally, the electronic components of a car are not. And yet, we all go to the shop when the engine fails. For both, we need special knowledge. And if you plan an individual web development, web agencies are the appropriate service providers.

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Designs now create the creation of your web application. Here you determine the final design, which is the model for implementation. During this phase, your php web development company develops the web application. During this phase, you provide all graphics, texts and other content or maintain the content in the CMS. Or existing information is migrated from existing systems. Before your website, web store, community or other web application goes live, the final test of all functions takes place during the test phase. The time has come, your web project will be launched.

The publication of the site

During the planning or strategy phase, you define the objectives and wishes that you pursue with the Web project. You create a technical sheet and general specifications for your web project. With the web agency of this site, the following procedure is planned. During the design phase, the Internet agency presents one or more concepts and designs and creates a specification. That includes information architecture, which is technology.

The path to the finished CMS website, online shop system or other web application contains many steps in individual web development. It is therefore advisable to prepare well and to allow sufficient time for the project.

Web application

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