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Advices to build your own application !

You have long wanted to create your own application? You have no or little knowledge in web development? Know that Simple-web.com helps you complete your project in a few steps and that with effective advice, practical and great speed. In order to bring more value to your site, the best would be primarily to create a useful application to users.

How to create a web application?

If you have defined your project, as it is now proceeding to the next step to remain human-centered or user. Indeed, an application must first bring added value to the latter. You must then provide a satisfactory answer to the question, your application will she make life easier for the user? This is the best way for you to further refine the concept of your apps.

The second step is to focus more on its primary function. Indeed, the majority of people want to add maximum functionality to their application for a mobile screen. Yet the simplicity premium. A clear and easy to use functionality is better than many complex and unnecessary features.

The understanding of user expectations is the next step. To do this, you must put yourself in the place of the user performing the setting up of calls to action suited to its needs.

Navigation should be very easy. Ergonomics is an important point that your operation is successful. The design must therefore be suitable for all audiences.

You must also imagine intuitive design. This means that everything must follow the logic in being both simple and clear. Everything must be legible. Feel free to add a help function if necessary.

For the interface, be sure to use a fixed grid giving any consistency to your application. This will allow the user to navigate clearly.

The principle for the creation of mobile apps is first to attract a maximum number of people good. This is why you should design an application that works on all systems it has to be well MPT.

You should always think of the offline without neglecting the test phase for a great success.

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