Web application

Our development team knows Php, Javascript and Ror !

Our agency specializes in designing dynamic website based on our customers' needs and their budget. Customized sites that meet all the needs of customers through a highly qualified professional team in the field. Although we are known as a php development company, we also have a maximum of knowledge in JavaScript and Ruby on Rails.

PHP, our business

Our agency has chosen to use PHP as a programming language for several reasons, the most important is primarily to enable our customers to receive maximum benefits in terms of economy and quality. PHP is completely free with great ease of use. It requires no license and is part of the most used programming languages ​​with more than active community of developers making available thousands of quality PHP libraries as well as a wide variety of documentation for everyone to benefit. Ample resources that facilitate our work while allowing us to reduce our turnaround time. There is no point in not saying it is compatible with all the web tools and is not only fast but also effective.

Strong knowledge in RoR and JavaScript

Our professional team also has a great knowledge on Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. Indeed, although we are specialized in the field of PHP, it is always essential to know other programming languages ​​to provide greater satisfaction to our customers. Although PHP is very suitable for creating HTML fast and dynamic page, JavaScript, it is rather focused on the presentation and handling of the web client. This allows the generation of a dynamic page for the client.

Knowledge of Ruby on Rails helps us to outperform ourselves in the field of activity we operate. This is a very concise and elegant language. It is strongly oriented object with a clean behavior while in relation to other objects. Anyway, whatever your need, we can provide you with sites reflecting your image.

Our team

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